1. My design, wifey know how.

  2. Tallest escalator on the west coast.

  3. This be me.

  4. Me, USN photographer late 70’s

  5. Kuuii part of our family for 15 years, passed away last month. She is missed.

  6. After nearly 24 years my original Sensor razor broke. Found a NOS (made in Brazil). While also finding a Marvy shave cup. Now most of the people I know would think my shaving habits a bit old fashioned, as I use a D.E.razor, the sensor is for the hard to reach facial areas, or when I have to bring toiletries in a carry on. The TSA frowns upon double edge razor blades.
    The previous shaving vessel, was porcelain made by Old Spice and was also in excess of 24 years. I gave it to my oldest son, only later to realize no other cups on the market will accommodate large shaving soaps such as Mitchell’s. Marvy’s have a large opening and are made of rubber. Sure to last.

  9. Zen master